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What is  "An Intentional Creativity Workshop" 

And can I bring one to my Yoga Studio/ Community Center/ Home ?


"An Intentional Creativity Workshop" is a community experience born out of my  personal Art, Yoga, and Trauma  studies that began in 2009. In this workshop , we spend 3 hours exploring Creativity & Yoga in integration, as tools for transforming patterns into power. Grounded in the container of the yoga mat and the notebook, we will cultivate a brave space to ask the questions: 

How do we choose to show up and express in the moment? 

How do you consciously and unconsciously communicate what you stand for? 

Shakti is the Sanskrit concept of Earthy feminine potential inherent in all layers of life itself.  When we pay attention, we can tap into union with this force, and channel Shakti toward manifestation into the here and now. This is the true meaning of manifested ‘Unbound Potential.”

In this workshop, within the Yoga pracitce & Art medium of your choice, you will have the opportunity to offer up a physical, mental, or emotional pattern as fuel into the fire of creation, setting an intention toward the alchemical process of transformation.  

It is only by acknowledging and accounting for our experiences, our personal and cultural narratives, that renegotiation of the future and reframing of the present can authentically evolve.  

It is only within a community dynamic that healing, on the small, large, and systemic scale, can occur. 

 The result of this process will leave you with pages of Art, meant to stand alone as a token of the experience, and/or to inspire you in the larger context of your work.

This workshop is intentded for all humans open to exploration!

Participants are asked to wear loose comfortable clothes for momevent, and to bring along a notebook and art supplies of the medium of your choosing.  

EMAIL: to bring a AN INTENTIONAL CREATIVITY WORKSHOP to your Yoga Studio, Community Center, or Private Home. 


Can I take a public yoga class with you? 


           Yes, Please join me!

I teach a blend of embodied, healing centered,, Hatha Tantra,  Ayurveda Yoga & Meditation.. All of my classes are designed to support the context of the Seasons of natural world, as well as the internal, Mind/ Body/ & Spirit landscape of the individual.

SUNDAYS         12:30 AM - 1:45 PM

Upper West Side Yog and Wellness   

75 W 85th St, New York, NY 10024

TUESDAYS          7:30-8:45 PM              


56 E 11th ST NYC

WEDNESDAYS    9:45 - 11:00 AM


56 E 11th ST NYC                                                                                                                             



Are you accepting PRIVATE YOGA clients?


Yes! I still work with a select group of Private Yoga & Meditation clients to hone and transform their personal practitces.

Reach out to for availability.  










Are you accepting custom painting commissions?

Yes, email for pricing and availability 






Are you accepting FREELANCE ILLUSTRATION projects?



I accept a select amount of Freelance Illustration projects that align with my values and mission statement. 


Please contact for submissions and comissions. 





Can I liscence an existing image for use? 


Contact for pricing and availability. 




Are you accepting FREELANCE COSTUME DESIGN  / STYLING projects for Film, Stage, & Print? 





I accept a select amount of Freelance Costume Design projects that align with my greater mission statement. 

Contact to start the conversation.










                                                                                                                                    Photos by Renee Choi 







Can we collaborate on a custom Mala or Crystal Touchstone? 




Yes! Check out the SERVICES page,

or email



Are you Hiring ? 

I accept internship applicants with a creative skill sets who are motivated, dedicated,  and interested in exploration. Does this sound like you? 


an opportunity to have an up front experience of "creation of art towards a purpose", as a way of making, a way of living, and a way of building an authentic breathing business !

Responsibilities of an intentional creativity internship include: 

- assisting in creation of new touchstone jewelry pieces

- photograping of existing pieces of touchstone jewelry  

- creation of new product listings

- general management & curation of online shop

- researching materials for jewelry and " seasonal support box" product development 

- assisting in design, assemblage, and marketing of "seasonal support box" 

- curation of intentionaly creative, culturally aware, insta storytelling for each week. 

- fluid communicaiton on progress of assigned projects and responsibilities 


EMAIL : with Resume & Cover Letter

How can we work together to explore Art, Yoga, and Life ?


Check out what I offer on the SERVICES page,

or email to curate a custom service.