Amanda Shafran 

Intentional Artivist.  Teacher.  Mentor. Mystic.  


Photo by Ilan Schwed





    Amanda Shafran is an international freelance artist, teacher, and activist based based in New York City. The heart of her work centers on sharing the tools of Creativity & Yoga as integrative tools in transforming patterns into power. Attracted first and foremost toward the facet of human connection in an experience, Amanda aims to approach each new endeavor grounded in equal parts body, mind, & spirit. Her work asks the viewer to take a look at the female experience from a female perspective, and is a platform for the values of feminism, intersectional equality, interdependence, collaboration, creativity, compassion, courage, community, accountability, action, sustainability & self love. Original mixed media art shows in NYC include FasciaFigures (2014), and Evolution: A Meditation on the cycle of Destruction, Regeneration, Reflection, & Rebirth (2016).


    Clients include private, corporate, and not-for profit organizations. Corporate designs and collaborations have been featured by L. Delaney Miniatures , Ishta Yoga, Rooted Violet, and Tiffany & Company. International theatrical designs include “Encounter” (Bejing Opera, China). NYC designs have debuted at Ars Nova, The Signature Theater, 59E59, HERE Arts Center, andBAM Next Wave Festival. Recent film credits include Oma(Dir, Daniella Rabbani, Nashville Film Festival), and the pop/rock artist Matisyahu’s album feature, Undercurrent.

    Amanda received her M.F.A in design in 2012 from NYU Tisch School of the Arts in theatrical design, where she was awarded The Dean’s fellowship. She received her 500 YRT from Ishta Yoga in May 2016, with special concentration in Trauma Informed Yoga with Hala Khouri, and MetaAnatomy Yoga Therapeutics with Kristin Leal in 2017.

   Amanda is involved with, Exhale to Inhale, a not for profit organizationthat brings yoga to survivors of survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.  Amanda's work has been highlighted in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal,, and YogaCity. 

   You can find Amanda teaching public yoga classes at Upper West Side Yogaand Wellness in NYC, as well as regular “Intentional Creativity” workshops, intended to facilitate a creative space where art & yoga come together as tools toward the uncovering and transforming of each student’s inherent, unique & authentic voice. Check out the SERVICES page to find out how to participate and engage with this work. 

Amanda currently lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, with her full time husband, Ilan Schwed, and part time pup, Oliver. 



 Photo by Ilan Schwed

Photo by Ilan Schwed