“To my dear sweet Amanda-ji aka Amanda Shafran. Your vision and artistry have made the idea of this book expand in a thousand unexpected and unbelievable ways. I am incredibly thankful for the beauty you create and the generosity with which you share it. Thank you for making this idea and these words come alive."

-Kristin Leal

Yoga Teacher, Bodyworker, and Author of MetaAnatomy I & II



" Amanda is is beyond talented - she’s a visionary. This was... Truly a transformative experience for me and those experiencing it. Amanda is one of the most brilliant, imaginative creatives that I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with. "

- Aaron - Raheim White

Dance Artist, Reiki Master-Teacher


" Amanda has the ability to hold space for an exploration of self that is both gentle and empowering. In the company of Amanda's profound dignity and self esteem, I've always been made to feel less alienated by traumas of the past and inspired to take on the world. "

- Stephen Mark

Actor & Yoga Teacher


" Getting to know Amanda over the last several years has been such a gift. Amanda is authentic, inspiring, and generous. Her work is transformative and healing. We at Exhale to Inhale are so grateful that Amanda is a part of our community. She has collaborated with us on many projects, including the design of a beautiful hand-crafted garnet pendant representing strength and possibility, that is reflective of our mission to empower survivors of domestic and sexual violence. She is a truly extraordinary human being and a joy to work with. "

- Kimberly Campbell

Executive Director, Exhale to Inhale


" Thank you,  the work we made togher is thrilling. you are a  super hero and  a marvel of krazy kinetics and profound poetics. I am so blessed to have you in my life and making OUR dances...Love you and what we made together."    

- Sean Curran  

Dancer, Choreographer, & Dean of NYU Tisch School of the arts, Department of Dance


" The most beautiful, thoughtful gift: the Lotus Mudra of the heart by Amanda Shafran. Thank you, dear...from the bottom of my own heart--a theme of this birthday. As many of my students know. mudras have become an important part of my practice and I am systematically going through Jospeh LePage's Mudras for Healing and Transformation."

- Alison West Ph.D, ERYT

Teacher & Director of Yoga Union

(Comissioned by Kristen Woods, Yoga Teacher)


" Brava on your beautiful work on this, and in life! "

- Daniella Rabbani

Actor & Director


" Amanda is a beautiful reflector and a deeply intuitive artist. From our first conversation I was invited to participate as a co-creator, Amanda drew upon all the elements I wanted to include - a carefully selected mineral, a color mood, a sense of physical and visual weight - and elevated the piece with her divine feminine energy. She is incredibly respectful when sending proposals, sharing creative revisions and posting images publicly. I feel honored to wear and work with my mala, it is a ritual part of my sadhana as well as a gorgeous piece of jewelry. "

- Erika Pahk

Personal Touchstone Client


"Amanda has a brilliant mind for design, down to the smallest, most nuanced details. But perhaps more importantly, she’s able to marry that with a genuine empathy and understanding of people. She senses what her collaborators need, what the performers need, what the work needs. She offers up ideas with generosity and no ego. She strengthens the work by bringing strength to the people she’s working with. That’s a rare gift, and I thank her for it."

- Whitney Mosery

Director (assistant dir. Harry Potter & the Cursed Child, Broadway)